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Gaitho got it wrong In response to today's article in the daily nation on gay marriages and the consequent denouncement of the prime ministers move to arrest gays, I beg to disagree with Macharia Gaitho's view on the same. 
 To the argument of Gaitho you are termimng the vice imaginary and no one can be liable for any action related or associated to it.Am sure at the time you were writing this article with the expertise and the experience you have in journalism you did not ascertained the fact that the number of gays and lesbins in kenya is othe rise.Already, for your information a body is in place to fight for the rights of the gays and lesbians living in kenya dubbed the gay and lesbian coalition of kenya.

Mr gaitho you would better listen to your conscience and learn to know that gaysm is not an imaginary act and its an of fence to practice it in Kenya.

Mr odinga could as well have succumbed to pressure from the clergy to stress the fact the new constitution do not  legitimiz…